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Financial Peace University

Does God have a plan when it comes to money? What does the Bible tell us about money?  Learn the Biblical plan to handle money.  Join us for a nine week class starting Jan 31st here at Connection Point Church.

In 2010 my husband and I were struggling with debt. We had credit card debt, car loans and a house in foreclosure.  In other words, we were normal.  Then we heard about Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace University (FPU).  We started attending the FPU class at a local church.  I should say I attended.  My husband went under protest and slept through most of it.  Dave Ramsey became a dirty word and caused a few arguments.  Then all of a sudden, the money and Dave Ramsey arguments dwindled as we began to get out of debt.  After the class at the church I continued in what I’ll call an impromptu support group.  A few of us continued to meet and watch Dave’s tapes.  It was wonderful…we had all made it.  By 2014 we were out of debt.  We had also dumped the house in foreclosure and downsized to a house for cash.  Let me tell you there is no feeling like when you are out of debt.  There is freedom in knowing if you lost your job today you could survive.  You family wouldn’t be homeless or go without food.  So how much debt did we say goodbye to?  We started at $445,000 in debt in 2010.  Part of it was the house but in four years we paid off $108,000 in credit cards, personal debt and car loans. Join the ranks of people who are foregoing normal.  It is possible, even if your ‘Normal’ now.  This nine-week class meets once a week, starting Wednesday, Jan. 31st from 6-8 pm at Connection Point Church, 4435 N Shadow Rd. Kingman, AZ 86409.  You do not have to be a church member to come to the class.  Everyone is welcome.  The only cost is for materials.  There are a few scholarships available. Call Stany Larsen at 702-400-2533 for more information or just follow link at: